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Dynamic Web Engineers

History and Experience Web Engineers, formerly Web Designs, is a design team specializing in PHP/MySQL database driven dynamic web sites. With over twenty years combined experience between our founders, Nicki Silva and Dan Manson, they head up a quality team of web design enthusiasts in the creation of some of the most innovative web sites on the Internet.

Nicki and Dan are proud to be on the advisory board of the computer sciences department of Southwestern Oregon Community College. They also do guest lecturing at the college, as well as at a Coos Bay, Oregon school helping troubled teens become productive members of society.

Strong Client Base

Check out case studies of some of our clients. This is not a list of everything we have ever done, rather, selected reviews of certain clients, what they expected from the Internet, and how we helped them achieve their goals.

Innovative Thinking

Staying current!  CodeGoodies is dedicated to continually educating ourselves and keeping up to date with rapid advances in web trends.  We do not choose only one coding language and try to do everything with it, nor do we claim to be experts in all fields. Rather, we specialize in PHP/MySQL, and blend this with a strong over all knowledge base to create a solid web solution for our clients. If we find that the best solution for your web presence is a field we do not specialize in, we will either refer you to someone who specializes in that field, or subcontract out that part to an expert.

CodeGoodies believes the best way to maintain a sane and efficient working environment is not to spend every second hunched in front of a monitor, but to balance work, family, and fun for a healthy work environment. Shutting down the office in the middle of the day and hopping in the boat for an afternoon of crabbing is not uncommon.

101 Reasons why Web Engineers is Your Best Choice
1. PHP and MySQL expertise: PHP is the hottest, fastest and cleanest dynamic web design tool available today.
2. Real world experience: CodeGoodies has many years of experience dealing effectively with clients, deadlines, and proposals.
3. Teamwork: CodeGoodies is a design team, not just a one man show.
4. HTML expertise: As the backbone of all Internet applications, expertise and up to date knowledge is very important. Our very strong knowledge base and commitment to stay on top of current HTML trends is always present.
5. Graphic design: We can design custom graphics and animations in-house.
6. JavaScript: Knowledge with this powerful tool allows creation of a custom look and feel.
7. Specialization: CodeGoodies does not claim to be an expert in all fields. If you need work in fields we do not specialize in, we do not try to "trudge our way through", but will either refer you to someone who specializes in that field, or subcontract that part out to an expert.
8. Kuma Bear: One of our part time office visitors is a very large Akita named "Kuma Bear" who eats lots of food, fences, couches, car seats, etc. Frankly, we need the work to keep him happy and fed.
9. Contacting us: Have you ever not been able to contact your webmaster, or only have an e-mail address for him? You will always have our phone number (541.347.3807), our e-mail address, and physical address.
10. Honesty: Do you want to know how we REALLY feel about an idea you have. We will not sugar coat our answer in order to appease you.
OK, we are still working on these, but there really are 101 reasons why you should use us.
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