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Your Dynamic Site Web Engineers designs interactive web sites for businesses that need a strong online presence. We urge our clients to look at their web site as a resource and support tool for their customers; not only an electronic brochure. Our web site designs offer an exciting and unique online experience.

Every Site we design and host comes with a customized "Admin Console", allowing site owners to modify the content on their websites themselves. Site Owners may change text, photos, and even create/delete certain pages, all through a simple, easy to use form based Admin Console.

We have demo sites for the following packages:

RealtyGoodies - click to try the demo
AgentGoodies - click to try the demo
CartGoodies - click to try the demo

Our services include:

  • Helping you choose a search-engine-friendly domain name and reserving it for you.
  • Building & designing your web site from the ground up, or...
  • Building your web site based on your design, or...
  • Giving your existing site a facelift.
  • Optimizing your site to rank well with search engines.
  • Submitting your site to the most popular / major search engines.
  • Maintaining, updating, and enhancing your site for you.
  • Hosting your web site.
  • Billing consolidation - Allow your bills for registration, hosting, etc. to be received and handled by CodeGoodies. You will receive one consolidated, detailed bill from us.

Our skills include:

  • Web site design and redesign
  • HTML programming
  • PHP scripting
  • MySQL database programming
  • Graphics - custom design and "print to electronic" conversion
  • Animations - from the most basic to the most complex Flash presentations
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Consultation

Whether planning a Web site for the first time or in the midst of revising your site to take it to the "next level", we can assist with your planning and development efforts.

Contact us now to find out how we can assist you with your web site design and development.

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