9 Benefits Of Having A Custom Content Management System (CMS) For Your Website

1. You can update your website - today.

With a custom CMS for your website, you can log in whenever you want to make updates, changes, or additions to your site whenever you want — even the middle of the night. Wouldn't it be nice to not be constrained to the whim of third-party web designer or webmaster.

2. A custom CMS means you are safe and secure.

Some big name content management systems tend to also be big name targets for hackers. This actually makes sense — the more people using a particular CMS software solution, the the more enticing it is for the hackers who specialize in that area. With a custom CMS, you will still have total control of your site, but not be visible enough to attract the attention of mainstream hackers.

3. Flexiblity.

With a custom CMS, you can add a new page or a whole new section your website, no problem at all. Your new elements will show up right where you want them on the menu (or page), and you will not have manually adjust the menu on every page. Automation at it's best.

4. Make easy updates with no need to buy specialized software.

With the CodeGoodies CMS, it’s just a matter of opening ANY web browser (even when away from your office), going to your website, logging in through your secure CMS, typing the changes to your content (just as if you were editing a word processing document on your computer), and finally, clicking the “Submit” button. That’s it … your updates or edits are now live on the web.

5. Less out of pocket costs.

No more $150/hour web designer fees just to change a few words on your site here and there. You are the boss!

6. Show up better on search engines.

Search engines love sites with new and changing content. The more you update and add to your site, the better you will show up. Just image how that can change your bottom dollar. You will find that your web strategy will start to change in a very positive way.

7. A custom CMS is designed for your your site's specific needs.

With a custom content management system, You will not be tied to whatever template you find that is the closest to what you really want, as you might with a site from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or many other systems out there on the web. Let CodeGoodies take your exact site needs into consideration and develop a strategic solution to make the entire process as simple, effective, and easy as possible. Any CMS is a good start—but a CMS custom from Codegoodies built to your specs is ideal.

8. Easily update your multimedia.

Do you have photos and videos need to be uploaded to your site? With the CodeGoodies CMS, that’s no problem. It’s just as easy as adding or editing written content. Point, click, submit, and done.

9. Less bloat, and more streamlining.

The problem with big, off the shelf systems like WordPress is that they need to account for a multitude of different users, businesses, and elements.In most cases, this calls for a one-size-fits-all setup, which may not always work depending on a company’s internal workflow. a CodeGoodies CMS is built around the exact content that you will want to create and edit on the site. The admin interface will include exactly the tools you need, no more and no less. You can also easily hide tools for specific users, so your content editors won't have access to anytning they should not.

10. Ease of use.

This is a biggie! When we design the framework for your CMS, we believe in taking "user friendly" to the extreme, and shoot for "grandmother friendly". We want your CMS to be so easy to use that your Grandmother can (mostly) figure it out.

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